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Turf that will go the distance

Close up of freshly grown turf
Rolled fresh turf

Proud to be the leaders in our field

Over three decades of turf growing has allowed us to perfect the product we provide to both trade and public customers.

We grow only the best rye fescue turf which is specially cultivated for its hardwearing and durable properties making it ideal for lawns and walkways. The seed types we use are regularly monitored and tested for purity to make sure we only supply top class seed every time.

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Turf delivery made easy

When you make an order for turf in North Yorkshire, we are able to deliver the very next day. Turf is cut to order so we recommend measuring the proposed lawn area in square metres and allowing 5% wastage space.

J & B Farnaby have a forklift service on all delivery wagons and we’ll do all of the unloading for you, making your experience with us as easy as possible.

Code of practice for Watering Newly Laid Turf

Newly laid turf needs water to survive. Very often this requirement will be met by rainfall, but during dry spells you will need to keep it damp for the first 28 days by watering.

  1. Plan ahead to prevent the turf drying out, don’t have turf delivered unless you can lay it that day or the day after.
  2. When your turf is delivered, stack it in a shady place if possible.
  3. Dampen the ground immediately before laying.
  4. Tamp the turf lightly as you lay it to ensure good contact with the soil underneath.
  5. When you have finished turfing, water it straight away ensuring that the soil is damp to a depth of 100mm. Thereafter, aim to keep the turf, and the soil underneath it, damp. You can check this by turning up a corner of the turf. Care should be taken not to flood or over water the lawn.
  6. In the following days, only water in the early morning or early evening, so the sun doesn’t burn off the water you have applied.
  7. It’s important not to over water your lawn at any stage. This creates boggy conditions which encourages the development of moss and grass diseases. It is not always necessary to water if it has rained. Check first to see if the soil is moist.
  8. Water less and less frequently over the next 28 days. The turf should never be allowed to dry out and go brown in this period

After 28 days your turf should be well established and will be able to fend for itself without the need for further watering.

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